Why I Did So Well on the Ati Teas Test

After my long day of classes I decided that I would like to take a leisurely stroll before I go to bed. I chose a pretty, green field and sat down under an Acacia tree so that I could feel the ground under my feet. It was a cool, misty evening so I decided to enjoy the fresh air while drinking a tall glass of water.

I was preparing for my ATLEX-RN (Certificate in Therapeutic Linguistics) examination and I knew that I was going to need to study a lot during the week so that I would be prepared. I made sure that I packed my usual diet and into my little pack, which I keep in my purse next to my bed at all times. Also, like most people, I had stopped taking my Vitamin tablets so that my body didn’t get too much of it. I also remembered to bring my copy of my national nursing board test (NETB) and my original nursing registration from my college. Because I did not have any family support at home, I was very thankful for the guidance of my guardian at school who gave me the extra incentive to study diligently and finish my books on time.

I was very fortunate that my two books came in one packet and I could just flip through them very quickly. My first book was about ninety pages, so I focused my time and attention on this book. I read through it cover to cover several times so that I’d catch up before I’d even have to face my test! The next book I read was about ninety pages and again I focused my time and attention on this book.

When I got back to class, I was able to start preparing for my test immediately so that I wouldn’t waste any time when it came to my marking. I followed the directions laid out by the teacher. I read the textbook to make sure I understood what the teacher was trying to convey. I asked questions when necessary, so that I’d get a good idea of what the concept was all about. I spent some time on my notes so that I’d have a clear understanding of what the book was about. And I spent time reading through everything again to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

I knew that my test would be relatively short, around thirty minutes, but I wanted to make sure I understood everything. So I kept going through my notes and read through the chapter again. When the time for the test was about to come I found out that I had done really well. I was excited because I felt like I had done well.

Then I started thinking about why I had been so motivated to do so well. Then I realized that I needed a little motivation to keep me going throughout the test. I knew that I was going to fail some sections, but I figured that I could go back and take those later on. I completed all but one section in the time allotted. I was so glad that I hadn’t been too nervous about failing!

When I got home from the test, I quickly put the Ati Teas book down. I took a deep breath and then went to sleep. About an hour later I was reading again and noticed that the book was starting to fade away. I put it down and went back to my computer.

About an hour after that I heard the dreaded word “FAILURE!” At that point I knew it was time to get up and do something about it. I hadn’t actually read the whole book though. So when I got up I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. I saw a little stain on my monitor and I just walked out of my house.