What is in the Teas Test For Nursing?

The third in the series of ten examinations required for those wishing to be a Registered Nurse (RN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is the TESOL assessment. A score of at least 80% on this TESOL examination is required in order to be accepted by one of the six national certification boards which regulate the medical profession. The National Council for Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, The American Nursing Association, The Joint Commission International, The American Academy of Nursing, and The American College of Rheumatology all offer comprehensive courses on the TESOL exam. Those who pass the examination are awarded their certificates. It is recommended, however, that prospective students also take a formal training course in preparation for their TESOL examination.

Not only is the TESOL examination given for those wishing to become BSN or RNs, it is also available for those already working in the nursing field who wish to upgrade to a higher level of nursing. Taking the time to take the examination will help applicants improve their chances of being accepted into their chosen nursing degree program. For many who already work as nurses, it is a necessity to take the TESOL in order to retain licensure and certification from their current employer.

As with any standardized test, the TESOL has certain areas that will be more difficult than others. This exam has two different sections that are separated by two hours. There are a reading section and a clinical skills section. Both sections contain multiple-choice questions, and the nurse will be given two or four questions to complete in each section. The exams can be quite challenging for those who have not had much training in nursing or for those who have little to no experience in nursing.

In order to prepare for these tests, a nurse should review all of their lessons, study books and study guides and get as much information about the subjects that they will be tested on. The Internet is a great resource for finding information that will help someone prepare. Some nurses choose to take practice tests to see which areas they need to focus their studying on.

There are several resources available for taking the test as well. Nursing schools offer pre-qualfields for those taking the exam for the first time, as well as re-take tests once they have successfully passed. There are also books available from specific publishers that cover the exam, including complete directions, sample questions and answers, and times and dates for taking the exam. Taking a practice test can give someone a good idea of what questions will be on the main exam.

The types of questions that will appear on the teas test vary. Most focus on understanding concepts, numbers, and basic nursing skills. However, there are some that ask about more difficult topics such as philosophy and ethics. Those taking the exam for the first time may find that it is easier to answer the easier questions first and then work through the harder ones. If a person has already studied for other licensing exams then they might feel less pressure to learn these particular subjects.

There are various books that can be purchased to study for the exam. Those who are planning on taking the test with others will find that some have multiple answer options. This allows them to choose the best answer without having to choose an answer that has been suggested by the teacher. Some of these books also include practice exams.

Those taking the exam to become a certified nurse aid will find that there is what is in the teas test for nursing. This includes both the written and the oral parts of the course. Being able to read and comprehend medical reports will be much easier. When taking a test that requires a listener to give suggestions and reactions the person will know what they need to study before taking the actual exam. The person will have all the information they need to pass the test and become a CNA.

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