The Neely Exam Review and How You Can Benefit

So you‘ve heard about the new trend sweeping across the nation: The use of “tea tester” services to prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam. You may even have a few friends who’ve taken such tests and may be willing to lend a hand in your studies. But what exactly is a tea tester and how can they help you? This article will shed some light on this popular yet little-known trend.

A “tea tester” is a person who has administrative duties for a nursing school. They are typically employed by the nursing facility as part of the staff and are in charge of administering a variety of nursing exams. While these people generally don’t do actual testing, their role is critical because they perform multiple functions that will directly impact your chances of passing the NCLEX-RN exam. For example, they can make sure that the study guide you receive from the exam provider is thorough and completely covers all of the topics that will be tested. They can also make sure that the materials you’ve ordered for taking the test are correct and up-to-date.

Depending on the particular nursing facility where you live, the tester may not be an actual person who works there. Instead, the exam tester may contract with the testing center, in which case they may act as a medical research assistant or offer other administrative support such as answering questions or forwarding materials. Tea-testing comes in handy for hospitals and long-term care facilities that need to be sure that the materials they’ve ordered for taking the NCLEX-RN are complete and accurate.

When a nurse takes the NCLEX-RN, one of the most daunting tasks is reviewing the entire course. Even with all of the supplements and practice exams that are available, it’s still easy to become overwhelmed and wind up putting the exam off for another year. A review is important because you can ensure that you’ve taken the time to understand the nursing theory you’ll be tested on and the different kinds of questions you’ll face. Plus, you can make sure that you’ve taken the time to study for the exam and practice for weak areas so that your readiness will be at a level that is optimal for the real world.

You can find reviews of the City Tech and Neely Exam on several review sites. The official City Tech website has a page devoted to reviews and recommendations. You can usually find several different forums where nurses who have taken the exam share their thoughts and ideas. These forums are a great way to get a general idea of how the various types of review materials are presented and used. Some forums, including the one at the University of Reading’s Nursing site, have a list of recommended reading and studying guides.

You can also go directly to the sites offering City Tech and Neely Review materials. For example, The LMS Review System offers a free Neely review book, as well as other free material. You can also find an excellent list of nursing study guides offered by other websites, including those maintained by nursing schools, hospitals, nursing colleges and organizations.

The Neely Exam is offered in paper format, but you don’t have to purchase it. Instead, you can often download free copies of the study guides offered by many of these review sites. Most review material is available in PDF format. If you prefer to use the electronic format, however, you can find the information you need at many reputable sites offering information and reviews about Neely exams.

Many of the free review resources online provide information about preparation, practice tests and sample questions. They also review various aspects of the exams, including tips and strategies to help you succeed. Reviews can be helpful, but they’re just one part of your study and test-taking experience. Reviewing the official City Tech website, which provides a wealth of information about testing, can also help you take the most effective teas exam. So, go to the City Tech website and review the material found there; you’ll find helpful information, reviews and links to sample questions, study guides and sample teas.

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