Teas Test Dates and Finds Out About Them

The first part of taking my TEAS Nursing Examination was learning about the format and scheduling of my tests. On the day that I stepped into the exam room, I was instructed to strip to my underwear and then a white robe so that I would be recognizable as a “C”. I was also instructed to remove all piercings and other foreign objects so that I would appear “straight”. This is not the only aspect of the nursing profession that I came across while doing research on my nursing licensing.

In an effort to save time, some nursing schools are known to schedule multiple entrance exams at once. Although this does help to cut down on the amount of preparation time required for each exam, it is also very confusing. Not only are the tests themselves divided up by subject, but there are three or four ways in which the tests can be taken. All of these methods can be confusing to a student who has never undertaken any type of exam before.

For example, I had to wait two full days to take my written examination. I was informed that I had until noon the following day to answer all of the questions on this test. Then I was given an extra half-day to do practice paper-based exams. I also spent the evening in the library reading books regarding the different areas that the written exam covered. I had no idea what the actual format of the exam would look like.

Once I had made my way to the testing hall, I quickly discovered that the testing room was not equipped with clocks or even a clock to begin with! The testing room was actually an indoor soccer field! As I was walking in, I heard a voice yell, “time out!” I looked up and saw two assistants yelling at people who were trying to take a seat. As I settled myself in between two chairs, I asked one of the assistants if I could take a seat.

She motioned for me to stand between her two assistants, and she placed her index card on my desk. I was required to remain there for what seemed like an eternity. As she placed the card down, she motioned for me to place my hand over my heart so that she could read my pulse. My hands and my heart began to rate irregularly, and I was instructed to keep them still.

After about twenty minutes of being stood still, I was called back and told that I had successfully taken all of the previous tests. While I was standing there with the other students, another assistant told me that she had failed her oral exam and would be unable to proceed. I tensed as I realized that I would have to take another test by myself. I immediately asked for another chance. Four more students had failed their oral exams, and I was scheduled to take my test immediately.

I was informed about my examination by a teacher at the front of the classroom who then kindly pointed out the place where my next test would be and gave me a pencil and paper. I quickly pulled out the pencil and paper, examined them, and quickly wrote down the date and time. The teacher then announced that I had until the end of the day to answer any questions I had regarding the contents of the test.

I was not surprised that the weather was very hot and humid during the days of the exam. In fact, it was downright hot and humid. I went to the library to borrow some books on the subjects I needed to study in order to pass my exam, and I found myself reading for hours on end. As I finished reading, I discovered that I was indeed very confused and didn’t really understand everything I read. Needless to say, I failed my oral exam.