Tea Is Not Always the Best Pick For Students Taking Test in Charlotte NC

Tea time is a tradition in America, and the Tar Heel State has long been known for it. Tea parties are often hosted by local schools to give students a chance to take a break from class and sample some local fare. But for students who are studying to take the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam, a break does not always make sense. In fact, it may even be harmful. Taking the CNA Exam requires complete concentration, so if you‘re having any distractions during your study sessions, chances are your concentration will suffer.

So how do you study without distractions during your test? That’s the great news: Charlotte NC has an entire tea house right down the road from your local public school. The Tea House conveniently sets aside time for testing in between classes at a location that leaves no room for distraction. Tea house locations like these are also ideal because they offer quiet study rooms where you can work on your problem areas without distracting classmates or friends. However, these aren’t the only reasons to consider visiting a tea house. Here are five reasons you should visit a Starbucks on your way to or from a testing facility.

Starbucks is a caffeine-free option for students taking the CNA Exam. Students are often instructed to drink a beverage with a small amount of caffeine, whether this is coffee or caffeinated tea. Even though caffeine is not a real “caffein” in the sense that you get it when you consume caffeine it still affects your body. Drinking caffeine free tea during your study sessions won’t have the same side effects on your body as drinking caffeinated coffee.

Teas that are high in caffeine are often referred to as “power drinks.” These drinks can give students the boost they need to help them focus during their tests. Although caffeine is a major ingredient in these drinks it is still very much digestible. If students are drinking a large amount of power drinks after a long day of studying it is highly likely that they will have a crash. A crash like this can severely hamper your concentration and prevent you from passing your test.

Power drinks are not the only high caffeine choices that students may encounter on their way to a test. Many times at lunchtime you will encounter fruit juice. Power foods can be just as bad as caffeine based beverages. Since fruits have fructose, it’s hard to avoid ingesting a lot of calories from fruits in your diet while trying to study. This in turn can keep you from properly performing at your test.

When you visit test locations there are other beverages available. Many locations have various tea choices. One reason that these are offered is that many people don’t feel comfortable choosing a caffeinated or decaffeinated beverage. At some events you may run into the teacher who only wants to see test papers that are written in order. In this case you will need to have a cold beverage such as a cup of tea to help get you through. Even if the event you are at offers tea they may use high caffeine teas to make the day go by faster.

Many tea drinkers avoid caffeine because of the after effects that they have experienced. When you visit some locations you will notice that they offer various teas that are low in caffeine. These teas help students focus better because they reduce the amount of time that you will spend recovering from a caffeine crash. Being tired is never a good thing when you are taking the tests. Being able to stay focused for the length of the test will help you succeed.

The bottom line is that caffeine is not always the best pick when you visit test locations. Sometimes you will have better options available. If you want to keep a healthy mind and body, you should try to find tea or other low caffeine choices.

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