Tea Doors For Nurses – The Teas Entrance Examination For Schools Of Nursing

When I was in high school I went into one of the primary types of college – the school of nursing. It took a lot of hard work and planning to get into this school but once I did it was such a great experience. There are many different colleges and universities that offer the nursing entrance examination. However, I believe I did the best in my school and graduated with the best results.

When I went into the school of nursing, I knew that the first thing I would have to do is take the entrance examination. But I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea how the test would be administered or what I would have to do to prepare for it. I assumed that the same process that I went through to get into the school would be done again to take the nursing entrance examination for schools of nursing. I was wrong.

When the entrance examination for the nursing course was approaching, I asked one of the teachers if there would be a separate examination for those who already had a nursing degree. I found out that there were two separate tests for the students who already had degrees. One test would be administered during the regular school day and the other would be taken at the school of nursing’s office. The teacher that gave me this information didn’t know that the test that would be given to those who already had a degree was different from the one that would be given to all of the students. I was really upset because I thought that I had spent four years getting my nursing degree only to find out that I wasn’t going to be allowed to take the test for the school that I had worked so hard to get into!

After I spent so much time and money getting into the school of my choice, I definitely thought that I should at least try to pass the tea’s entrance examination for schools of nursing. On the day of the exam I was extremely nervous but at the same time excited. I really wanted to show the school that I was serious about following their educational path and becoming a nurse. Now I was going to have to prove that I was able to do just that.

I arrived early to the school of my choice and took a seat in the testing room. Once seated, I quickly filled out the required information that was handed to me on a piece of paper. Then I quickly read the instructions and handouts that were given to me. Then I quickly practiced my breathing so that my nervousness would be replaced with calmness as I sat to take the actual teas entrance examination for schools of nursing. I was able to work my way through the questions fairly easily, and then I felt confident that I would do well on the actual test.

Once I was through the exam I was excited and I told the teacher that I passed the actual nursing entrance examination. I was shown to a big cheer from the other students who were also going through the exam. I knew that I had done very well and I was ready to take the actual test. Once the bell rang, I quickly rushed to the examination area and put on my exam attire. I was ready to face the nurses who would decide my fate.

The teachers who saw that I was ready confidently gave me the test to take. I was instructed to undress and put on a white lab coat before I stepped into the center of the classroom. As I was doing this the other students walked by and saw me. They all stopped and stared at me as I stood there quietly waiting for my results.

The other students who came to see me were extremely friendly and gave me high fives. They all said nice things about me and wished me luck on my upcoming examination. This is when I slowly started to regret not taking the test for my nursing career. I knew that if I was going to become a nurse my grades would have to be above average in order for me to even be considered for an exam for one of the best schools in the country. That is how my poor grades began my career as a nurse.