Review of the Tea Exam Book Version 6

The last time I took the American Association of Colleges and Schools of Nursing (AACSN) paper version of the Qualified Professional Examination for Registered Nurses (QPRE), I had to go back to the study guide to find out what was new. I’m sure I don’t have to send out a whole lot of study guides anymore. It seems that most colleges and universities have created their own versions of their official study guides. Sometimes they’re quite helpful. Other times, such as with the ACRN paper version, they’re no help at all.

When I started studying for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) test, the book version came as a relief. There were fewer terms to memorize, and the format of the questions was easier to understand. Even the study guides that I bought before didn’t help much. Then, as I was preparing for my actual test, I found out that most people recommend that you buy a book, rather than an online study guide. I thought this was strange, so I looked into buying a book that would come in print, rather than online.

When I looked online for the book, there were quite a few different versions to choose from, but I quickly determined which one was the best for me. It was the edition 6 of the Qualified Nursing Assistant Studybook. The book itself isn’t too technical, unlike some of the versions that I’ve seen on the web. It’s easy to read, and contains everything you need to know for passing the CNA exam. You’ll learn about anatomy, physiology, and basic nursing skills.

The biggest difference I found in the Qualified Nursing Assistant book version 6 compared to the online version was that it covered a lot more material. I learned a lot about nursing theory, how tests are scored, and what kind of evidence you need to use in your defense. It also came with practice exams and complete sets of practice questions. You can get this book in hard copy or PDF, which I prefer since I don’t have to worry about where to store it, and it comes in a large size. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on studying for your CNA exam, then you should definitely invest in this book.

Another reason I recommend taking the book version rather than just online review is that the book has a full index. That way, I can go back and find information I was missing. I also really liked the fact that the book has a book summary that includes my opinion of the different chapters. It’s a nice way to start a book and helps me stay focused.

The one complaint I have about the book is that there aren’t enough chapters for me to review. If there were, then I could find and review the topics I didn’t understand well enough. For example, I found the chapter on drug interactions to be very confusing. There were just too many things I couldn’t understand, and it was obvious to me that I would need more information before going into that section.

That being said, the real strength of the book is that it is very detailed and offers plenty of practice questions for you to review and do practice tests on. This helps prepare you in advance for the real exam. The book version also includes study guides and quizzes for those times when you really can’t sleep. Like I mentioned above, it is very helpful to review these things before taking the actual exam.

So, overall, I find that the Teas Exam Book version 6 is an excellent product. I highly recommend it to people who’re preparing for the NCLEX. If you’ve already taken and passed the exam, then I encourage you to get the book because it will really make a difference in your ability to do well on the real thing. If you’re not yet a practicing tea drinker, then this book should be a good resource for you to add to your collection!

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