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Many nursing students find that when it comes to answering multiple choice questions on the TEAS nursing assessment, the common answer choices are yes or no. If you are one of these nurses, you may want to review the following tips for improving your chances at passing the test. First of all, it is important that you review your sample test in preparation for this upcoming test. If you don’t have a sample, find one and review it thoroughly.

It is very important that you make a list of all the multiple choice questions that you will be asked. Keep in mind that most likely you will be asked to answer four or more. As you make your list, make sure that you clearly label each question type. For example, if you will be asked a type of question like “Describe four items,” then answer choices in type of four. Write down the types of answers that you provide for each type of question so that you can review them before answering.

You should also take a close look at your paper. Most likely, you will come across multiple choice questions that do not make any sense. This is because the NCLEX has a format that requires you to follow specific guidelines and format. As a result, it is often confusing for the nursing student to understand what the correct answer is.

As an example, if you are being asked to evaluate your communication skills in relation to type of communication, choose the word conversation. This way, you know that you are answering the type of question accurately. Do not make the mistake of choosing the word discussion. This type of question does not make any sense, as there are no conversational elements in this type of NCLEX question. As an example, you are being asked to evaluate your leadership skills. Choose the word leadership instead so that you can be clear about your actual answer.

You should also be aware that multiple-choice questions often have an answer choice that is presented alongside a graphic. As an example, you may be being asked to select a figure, a square, a triangle, or any other figure type. As you look at this question, you should focus on the figure so that you can answer accurately. If you select the wrong figure, then you may not correctly identify the correct answer.

Finally, don’t forget to read through the multiple choice portion of the NCLEX before you submit it. In many cases, there are typos that you might not catch. In addition, you might accidentally misspell some of the words. Even if the typo doesn’t affect your question, it will definitely decrease your score. To avoid these errors, practice reading through the multiple choice portion several times before submitting the real question.

Don’t rush when you are answering the multiple choice portion of the NCLEX. Give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable with the different types of choices so that you can answer accurately. Additionally, make sure to pace yourself and use the timeline in your response. Simply taking too much time to respond to each type of question will lead to a lower score overall.

Finally, don’t let frustration get the best of you when you fail the multiple choice portion of the NCLEX. The last thing you want to do is to give up right before the end of the test. This will increase your score significantly, but you can’t do that without practicing. Go ahead and prepare well so that you can pass your test the first time around. As long as you practice, the only thing that will stop you from passing is your own nervousness.

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