How to Study For Tests Effectively and Easily at Home

When I first started studying for the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) exam, I was worried that I’d be overwhelmed with all of the information and that I wouldn’t know what to do. My mother is a CNA, so I had a pretty good source of resources. As I studied, though, I began to realize that my mom’s resources were much better at helping me learn how to study for the exam than anything else I could find. Here are some of the things I did over the course of two weeks to prepare myself for the CNA exam.

First, I bought and downloaded my entire library of nursing materials. I spent about $200 on this, including books, videos, and online support. It took me almost two months to get through everything, but I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with everything before taking the exam. After getting through a lot of the material, I realized that I would have to devote three days a week to studying for the test. That’s okay, if you have a fast paced life like I do.

Second, when I first started learning how to study for the test, I made sure that I committed myself to learning everything. I actually made a study schedule and stuck to it. This worked out really well for me because I had a specific schedule to follow, unlike my mother who probably didn’t have a study schedule and spent a ton of time looking at every book and video in the world. In addition, I made sure that I took my time with everything, reading and re-reading passages as I felt like I needed to so that I could maximize my chance of passing the test.

Third, I purchased an official study guide. I figured that if I was going to invest the time to get good grades on the test, then I might as well do it right. This is what I used for two years before the exam. I made sure that I followed all the steps in the guide and made sure that I understood everything that I read and understood each concept. I also bought several practice tests from several different bookstores so that I could figure out which questions I hadn’t seen before and where I failed. Once I had these tests under my belt, I knew exactly what I should be doing when I sat down to take the actual exam.

Fourth, when I finally got around to learning how to study for the test, I made sure that I paid close attention to all the tips and tricks that I had learned about the various concepts. This way, I could maximize on them. I also found out that there were plenty of great websites that had great study guides and study programs. My study schedule consisted of morning and afternoon study sessions, and I concentrated on the concepts that I really needed to learn, and not necessarily what someone else wanted me to know. When I finally sat down to take the test, all I could think about was how to study for teas test in a way that I would get a perfect score.

Fifth, I took the time to make sure that I actually got some sleep before I sat down to study. The last thing that I needed was to have done all of this work and then not get a good night’s sleep before I tried to study. Fortunately, I got a great night of sleep before I went to the test. This allowed me to get into the mindset that I needed to concentrate and get the best possible scores on my teas test. Also, I found out that I could freshen up really quickly and still keep down the caffeine that I need to focus on studying effectively. That allowed me to study much more easily than I thought I could.

Sixth, I made sure that I gave myself plenty of time to drink water and eat snacks prior to my test day. I figured that a couple of hours would be sufficient. However, when I got to the testing site, I realized that I needed to drink more water than I thought was healthy or reasonable. Once again, I underestimated the amount of caffeine that I needed to drink to actually be able to focus. I drank way more water than I should have and it ended up tricking me into using the caffeine that I did.

Finally, I learned that I should take my time when learning how to study for a tea’s test. Most people will rush through a lot of material and this really slowed me down. When you learn how to study for tests effectively, you can do better on them. You don’t have to rush through everything and you don’t have to worry about finishing all of it. If you can learn these six things, you will not only learn how to study for a test properly, but you’ll learn how to study efficiently as well!

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