How to Score Well on the Teas Test

I’ve been studying to take my certified nursing assistant exam for the last year. Each week I receive emails and text messages from people who want me to take their nursing courses, so they can get certified as an LPN. There are a lot of people who take the test, but not all of them do well. It seems like everyone has a different theory on how the nursing course should be taken. I really want to figure out how I can score well on the test.

My first theory was to take one that I hadn’t studied much before. This would allow me to read the material easier. I also felt it would be less stressful to learn an unfamiliar concept, if there’s no reason to worry about it. However, I did the exam in a week, and I found it to be extremely difficult. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t do better on it.

Another theory I found when reading the exam materials was to start reading the material, and then think about the theory. I found this to be very effective, but my memory seemed to not remember anything I wrote down. I had a hard time with the logistics of it, and then I gave up and quit taking the test. I got discouraged, since I felt that I could have done better on it.

Then I decided to apply what I’d learned about memorizing to real life situations. I began to apply what I’d read from my theory and practiced applying it to my daily life. I found that I became more confident in my abilities, and my grades improved. I felt that if I continued studying, I could improve my scores even more.

That is when I really started learning about memorizing. I took the MBE theory exam again, just to make sure I remembered everything I needed to memorize. This time, I concentrated on one area at a time. Each lesson was three minutes long, so I had quite a bit of time to work on each section. This proved to be very effective, and I was able to complete the exam in a record time.

Since that time, I’ve used this method for all three tests I’ve taken. It has worked remarkably well. I’ve gained extra confidence because I know that I’m going to get the answer right on the first try. And I always get a good feeling when I finish a test. The Theory question is easy, but knowing that I’ve gone through the process before, and know that I’ve passed gives me the motivation to keep practicing.

I also found that I was able to focus better when taking the test. I found myself taking a lot more notes. That actually helped me out. I could write down everything I wanted to say about the topic without even thinking about it. And I learned a lot more.

So, if you‘re looking to improve your performance, why not give the Chinese tea an attempt? Even if it doesn’t work for you right away, you may find that you like it after some time. And it’s definitely worth your time and money.

I’ve been taking the test several times now. I typically do so about two weeks before I’ll be administering the exam. If I knew that I wasn’t going to have to take it again right after taking the final exam, I might have taken it much sooner. However, the reality is that I already took and passed the test once. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try again, but after failing miserably the first time around, I knew I couldn’t risk it.

The big difference with this test is that instead of just answering the types of questions, you will have to answer various types of questions. You will be given two or four different types of questions. Some will require multiple-choice, while others will ask you to name a specific object. Others will have you describe a word or phrase, complete with explanations.

Once you complete answering the questions, the computer will give you your result. Based on what it reads, you will then see how much you improve. Sometimes it will read “You passed the first test! Good for a grade of A-.” Other times, it will read “You failed the first test, but you did manage to correctly answer all of the other questions.”

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