How to Prepare For the NCNP Tea Exam

As a Registered Nurse I am very excited about the new offerings from Ati Teas. The long anticipated infusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the nursing profession is finally here! In preparation for my upcoming role as an Ati Nurse it was important to begin my preparation with taking a comprehensive Ati course to fully prepare for this amazing opportunity.

I chose to take the Ati Tea Master Degree course which taught me a solid knowledge base of the various types of teas, their properties and benefits, and how to best brew them for the best results. This class took about nine months to complete. I gained valuable knowledge from my instructor, particularly about the various ailments that Ati can heal and which ailments can be prevented through proper Ati tea consumption. I also learned the different properties and herbs found in Ati teas and the science behind it all.

After completing the Ati Tea Master Degree I went on to take the official American Health Association (ANA) exam for nurses. Once again I was extremely excited, as this was my big chance to prove myself to the nursing world. I had spent so much time studying different medical topics, learning my formulas and recipes, and developing my own techniques that I felt confident I had completely grasped the concepts. Again I was tremendously fortunate to pass the first time around with flying colors! Once again I was excited about my prospects and knew that I was definitely ready to take the next step in my career.

Having done my preparation and obtained my degree in nursing I was now poised to take the National Certification Board for Nurse Practitioners (NCNP) exam. This board is nationally recognized and has the highest standards for nurses. Passing this test assures potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform well in their care. Not only would I bring valuable skill to the table but my certification would ensure that I was qualified for national licensing.

Unfortunately, despite my experience and certifications I was not aware of any resources which offered an Ati tea test bank. In fact, it took some time finding a source online that offered the types of teas which I was going to be studying. Fortunately, there are sources on the Internet which will prepare you for these types of exams. They will also provide information on how to maximize your chances of passing.

Knowing that I had several months of quality time between my last examination and my first attempt at the NCNP test, I made sure that I had plenty of time to complete the required course work. The first thing I did was purchase several books, study guides, and online tutorials. The reason for this decision is that it is always easier to read instruction manuals or tutorials in the library than in the classroom. I also found that a lot of the material covered during these types of learning materials can be tested in a couple of hours during a typical class session.

Most of the materials that you buy will cover the clinical parts of the NCNP test. However, there are five chapters that are exam specific and should only be studied during the actual exam. The first two chapters will review topics that are likely to be tested on the NCNP examination day. It is in these chapters that you will find all the information that you need to familiarize yourself with the format of the actual exam. I found that reading the entire book in its entirety was the most effective way to prepare for the NCNP examination.

In addition to having the books and tutorials that I mentioned, I also prepared for the NCNP teas test bank by taking a practice exam. Again, I would recommend that you purchase the books or tutorials ahead of time because no two testers are alike. Each one will have different preferences for tea flavor and types of tissues that they prefer over others. Therefore, I recommend that you purchase a practice exam for the NCNP test bank that covers all the topics that will be tested.