How Long is Each Section of the MCITP Certification Exam?

When I took theories and I studied, I really wondered how long was each section of the standard test of the Chinese. I really want to pass the exam so I took a look at how long the sections were. The standard has three sections, an overview, a definition, and a practice test. The overview is two hours, and it is recommended you take this first.

This is really the main reason most people take the overview instead of practicing, they don’t want to get into the practice of long section. If you look at the overview, it is about thirteen pages long. It is divided into ten parts and four chapters. The first chapter is a discussion of common questions asked on the NCLEX. It is about page forty-two.

Each chapter contains practice questions from the NCLEX. There are two more long sections, each about ten pages long. The next chapter is about testing objectives for the written exam, and the third chapter is about diagnostic procedures. It is possible that there are other things in the sample exam study guide but I didn’t check.

This is where I started to wonder how long is long? I can probably finish this test in a few hours. If I read the sample test I can see that the reader is expected to know a lot of information, and she does. That makes me think that I have enough information to do the test and I can start doing my practice tests before the real test. I will need to do my best and pace myself but I can finish this test easily.

Then I found out that the official National Clearinghouse for Examiners has given me the official answer. The real exam is three hundred and sixty question. I was really surprised that they gave me this answer because I always thought that it would be impossible for anyone to finish it without studying for so many hours. But I can do it and I’ve done it before. I took the time to study and make notes. I studied well and I studied hard, I passed the test.

So, let’s talk about how long is each section of the sample test. The reading comprehension section should be between four and five hours, depending on how much you studied and how quickly you finished the section. The listening comprehension test should be around four to five hours. The math section should be between three and four hours. If you are familiar with the concepts in these sections, then you will do fine.

If you don’t know what these sections are talking about, then go back and read them before the exam. Once you know how long the section is, then you will have an idea of how long it should be. Usually, the exam consists of three sections: an introduction, the main topic and the concluding section. If you know that you are going to have to do a lot of reading, then you might want to start the reading portion early. If not, then at least read the topics in order and get a good grasp of them.

You can buy study guides so that you can figure out how long the section will be. Most test-takers give the test away for free and you can use these guides. However, keep in mind that these are usually not the most reliable. I still haven’t found one that gave me the exact amount of time I needed to pass the exam. However, there are still a lot of these guides available online and I managed to find a review website where I picked the best one and used it to study for my exam.