How I Prepare for the Teas Exam Dates at Suffolk Community College

Every October, the world gears up for a big celebration. It is known as TESOL, The European Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is an occasion where students from across Europe and beyond come together to partake in the most exciting event of the year-the TESOL exam. In addition, they also get to network with others who are studying the English language as a foreign language or who are planning on studying English as a second language. This is where I plan on enjoying myself this October.

My schedule for this year’s testing is already set. I will be taking the test in the Suffolk community college library. I will be going there around two weeks before the scheduled exam date. The library has been my favorite place throughout my four years of college.

Suffolk, Connecticut is located in the state of Connecticut within the greater Boston area. I have been going to the college here ever since my freshman year when I took the SAT. That was followed by two more SATs and my associate degree from Bowdoin College. Since I graduated early I have already taken several community college classes and nursing classes.

The library at Suffolk Community College offers a wonderful resource for those taking their qualifying exams for the TESOL. They have a TESOL study guide, practice tests, audio CDs, workbooks and many other items for students to study on. These materials will help any student in their quest to pass their examination with flying colors. I also find the college’s reading center very convenient for me as well.

As I said before, my schedule for the October exams is already set. I know that I can make it to the library at anytime during the day that I want to take an examination. However, there are times when the library is closed because the college is on lock down for renovations. I know that I can always visit the library in the evening to get some more resources. In fact, I plan on taking several extra courses in the summer to prepare myself for my upcoming test.

The first thing I do each night when I go to the library to study is to search the course offerings that are available. This makes it very easy for me to compare all of the courses that I am interested in determining which one will give me the best chance of passing my exams. Once I have listed all of the questions I plan to study I do a complete walk through of the college’s common room. I make a mental note of all of the posters and pictures I see in the hallway. Then I use my online scheduler to mark days that I will spend studying so that I do not waste any time. This makes it even more important for me to track my study time so that I do not have to rush through my schedule in order to pass my examinations.

Next I take a book report, one of my favorites, on each of the subjects I am studying. I make sure that I use the same book report format (table of contents, summary, review, etc.) throughout the semester in order to ease myself into reading the material. I also take advantage of the review session before each of my book reports. This allows me to refresh myself on everything I have read thus far.

The last thing that I do to prepare for my exams is to sign up for a practice class with my local campus. I find this very convenient because I do not have to commute for the amount of time that I would if I were to study at home. I also find that I do not have to drive anywhere in order to go to the class either. These are just a few things that I do to make sure that I am prepared and that I am as ready as possible for my Suffolk community college exams.

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