How Do I Study For The Teas Test 2020

If you want to pass your examination for the upcoming TESOL certification, you need to be fully prepared before taking the exam. In this article I will discuss some of the different aspects on how I study for my official exam for the upcoming TESOL certification. Take my time and read this article to gain some insights and discover how to prepare yourself before you take your official TESOL exam.

First, I will purchase a TESOL study guide. I would not recommend going to your local bookstore to buy one. It is a little expensive and hard to keep track on which book is the most recent and that book was the best seller recently. My suggestion is to purchase your study guide online. The good thing is that there are many websites which offer various kinds of study guides in different formats such as eBooks, PDF or even videos.

Second, I will get hold of a high quality cup of tea. I use loose leaf tea, which has more antioxidant compared to the tea you can buy in the supermarket. Loose leaf tea also has better aroma and taste than the store-bought tea. The reason is because the fresh tea leaves undergo a longer cooking process before they are brewed to produce a quality cup of tea.

Third, I will take my time in studying. There is no quick way to learn something. You have to take your time with your studies. If you rush things, you might get rushed and end up with wrong answers. You also get to learn from your mistakes when you have plenty of time to ponder on them. If you rush through your study, you will most likely make it through the exam without much trouble.

Fourth, I will choose a book that is right for my needs. This is most especially true if I want to learn quickly. If the book is too complicated for me, I will probably find another one that is easier for me to read and learn from.

Fifth, I will read the whole book through. I can’t afford to skip any sections in the book just to save time. In most cases, you have to read the entire book just to get the gist of each section. So I usually do this and I get to learn faster.

Sixth, I make sure I get a book with practice tests included in it. The best way to prepare for the test is to get tons of practice questions. Make sure the book includes practice test questions. It will really help you get prepared for the test day.

Seventh, I spend a little time researching my topics. This way, I will be prepared. I don’t want to learn from an article or blog. I want to learn from real experts who have studied and mastered the topic. Learning from these people will definitely speed up the speed at which I learn.

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