How Ati Tastes and Smells

One of the most common questions I get asked by my patients is “Do you recommend using an Ati tea or a coffee pot to drink while taking your nursing exams?” Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a toss up between them. In my experience, the Ati teas have more benefits. They are faster to make and give me more caffeine to support my endurance during the exam. But if you are a coffee drinker, my advice is to skip the teas for this exam. You’ll be better off with a straight cup of hot coffee.

The disadvantage to drinking straight tea (at least for this time of year) is that you can only have one. If you are taking a test with four or more people, you may be limited to a couple of types of drinks. And if there are others who will need a drink, it may take a long time to brew enough for everyone. I can’t say that the Ati book or your study guide gives any details about brewing your own Ati teas, but maybe next year I’ll have the patience to learn how.

It’s all right to drink other stuff between your study sessions in your A+ book. But don’t mix alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Caffeine will distract you from your concentration, which will affect your ability to remember and focus on your exam. This summer I’ve also added baking soda to my diet, so I don’t forget anything in my Ati book.

When preparing for your nursing A+ examination, don’t consume caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, chocolate, soda, etc., for two weeks before the exam. Also, don’t consume alcohol (except wine) two hours before the exam. This will relax your digestive tract and help you get better gas down to your stomach. This will help prevent nausea and make the exam more comfortable for you.

I like drinking black tea, so I make sure I always bring my Ati teas with me when I study. I can drink the tea in the morning, afternoon, and after lunch. My Ati test book tells me to make four cups of black tea with four cups of water each day. That’s the equivalent of one liter of black tea, which is the same amount as three ounces of bottled water. That makes four delicious cups of Ati teas, four cups of tea, and almost eighty ounces of water – well worth the investment.

I also bring along a nice pack of Ati teas in water in a Ziploc bag. I only fill the bag once, and it’s always enough tea for all my Ati teas. You do have to be careful when you’re grinding your Ati teas because it has a unique grind quality that will destroy your teabag if you don’t know what you’re doing. I let my son do the grinding while I go grocery shopping, and he crushed all the way down. I don’t worry because he told me they were fine, so I don’t have to be worried about that.

Another thing I do is stir my tea in tap water. My Ati test book states that you should do this up to three times per day, but I do it more because my kids like it. I make sure I use filtered water, though. The first time my daughter stirred her tea in water; she almost lost her tea in the process. She cracked her teeth so hard it sounded like an alarm bell, and the water came out fizzy and cloudy. Luckily, I had the foresight that my daughter could stir her teas in water that was already clean.

When I took my Ati test book with me to the library, I noticed there was a little section devoted to measuring your tea’s strength. This might not sound important, but it is. Some Ati teas might not be as strong as others, and depending on how you brew and store them, these teas will lose their flavor. You can test your Ati teas by putting a little of the test book into the water. If it foams, it is good, if it doesn’t foam at all, then it isn’t.

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