Determining Your Tea Tree Tests Set Date

The TEAS nursing certification is gaining popularity all over the United States of America. However, in San Antonio you will be required to take a specific test, known as the TNA or The Texas Nursing Admission Test. In this test you will have to answer many multiple-choice questions about basic nursing knowledge. Once you have passed the test you will get your official certification. Now that sounds great doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, due to time and scheduling conflicts the testing will be done in two different times of the day. There are a lot of students that have already been approved to take the test so they have some leeway in when they can take it. This allows them time to prepare for the test in the manner that works best for them.

The first set of exams will be administered at the start of August. You will be given a list of books to read and then the test will begin. You should plan on taking the first couple of hours of class and the last few before the evening of the first day of testing. If possible you should also arrange for a tutor to come to your school to give you extra help. Having a tutor there will help make the time go by more smoothly. If you have never taken a class like this before you will want to find an experienced tutor that can really help to speed things up.

After the first few days of testing the next set of tests will be administered. The schedule will change and will usually happen on the weekdays afternoons of either Monday or Tuesday. The classes where you will take the second set of tests will likely be the ones that you took in the summer or the winter. You should already know what you are going to study so you won’t have to wait until the last minute to study. Make sure that you set aside time to study no matter what happens during the schedule.

The next set of tests will happen a week after the second set of tests. There will be some that you can take, some that you can skip. These types of tests will all happen the day after your scheduled study schedule. The good thing about these tests is that you can always study the night before and take the test the very next day if you feel like it.

One thing to watch out for is taking the test on the weekend or on a holiday. You may end up getting behind or struggling with a section. This usually happens because people don’t take the time to review everything that they have studied. When you take the test on a holiday you will get less sleep and may be less prepared than you would normally be. If you aren’t sure what you will study or how much you will study it may be a better idea to study a little more the night before you take the test and to do a short review night before you start.

Finally there are the midterms and finals. This is usually the last set of tests you will take in a series. Once the tests are done you will have already worked on the material covered and should have a good idea of how you will tackle the final sections. These tests will also have a set date in which you need to take them. You may even find that the midterms and finals have set dates as well.

It is best to make sure you study well for these tests. Even though you may think you know what you are going to study it never hurts to review what you have already done. You may find that you have forgotten something or that you didn’t learn something you had thought you understood. Don’t let this discourage you. There will be tested next year that you will likely be able to pass.

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