Can I Take the Pre-Entrance Exam for Nursing Programs?

What is the standard for taking the Teas Pre-Entrance Examination? The standard for taking the pre-entry examination in The Registered Nurse (RN) Program, generally includes a written section and a practical section. The written portion of the exam is about two hours long. It is required that you pass a qualifying exam, prior to starting your training.

Why should you take the examination? Passing the exam provides you with a credential for nursing licensure. You may be required to take additional courses, as well as a board exam in New York, prior to having your license. Your license indicates to potential employers that you have completed and passed an approved training program.

Who is a candidate for the exam? You are only eligible to take the pre-entry examination if you are currently enrolled in an approved nursing degree program. Some universities and colleges also offer an online program. Candidates completing this course are considered “pre-neurs.” If you are currently working as a registered nurse, or a Registered Nurse who wishes to pursue additional training in health care, you can apply to take the exam for Registered Nurses in New York. Once you pass the exam, you will be Registered Nurse (RN) certified.

How do I take the examination? To schedule the examination, you must be a member of the National Board for Examiners (NBEE). In addition, you must complete and submit all the required documents to the NBEE. You must attend the test site at least thirty minutes prior to scheduled time. You will be given a specific examination number upon entry to the testing room.

How do I prepare for the pre-entry examination? The examination will include questions about basic nursing knowledge, patient care standards, and the fundamentals of pharmaceuticals. As part of the preparation, you should take the Health Information Technology Certificate (HIT) or Certificate on Information Assurance (CISA) exams. Both of these certifications are nationally recognized.

What are the benefits of passing the examination? Your chances of obtaining licensing increase if you successfully take the examination. In addition, if you are not licensed, you will not have the option of starting your career as a Registered Nurse or a Hospital RN until you complete the licensing process. In some states, earning the equivalent of two years of study in health care will also result in the successful completion of the examination.

What are the eligibility requirements for passing the pre-entry examination? To be eligible for taking the examination, you must: be 18 years of age or older; meet the State’s pre-entry examination requirements; have an intention to become a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse within one year of date of application. If you meet any of the other state requirements, but do not meet the State’s pre-entry examination requirement, you may still take the exam, but it will not be considered on your records as being successfully completed.

Why is the pre-entry examination important for choosing a career in health care? It allows you to determine whether a career in that field is right for you. In addition, it allows you to make sure that you are prepared for the challenges you will face while on the job. Although most colleges will require you to complete coursework in nutrition and anatomy, the examination will let you know whether the training you have received meets the national standard required by the licensing board.

Can I take the pre-entry examination at a traditional college? You can. However, if you are opting for a degree in nursing, or want to get an associate degree in nursing, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you will need to complete the course work at a traditional college. Most community colleges and state colleges are able to provide the pre-entry examination required for licensing as a Registered Nurse. However, many hospitals and nursing care facilities only permit their employees to take the examination upon completion of the LPN or RN training.

Is there a pre-entry examination for online or distance learning programs? There is no pre-entry examination for online or distance learning programs. However, some colleges may ask you to complete a training program and then take the pre-entry examination. Your educational institution should be able to give you more information.

Why is the pre-entry examination required? The pre-entry examination is done to make sure that you have the knowledge and skills to perform well in your job. You must pass both the written and clinical portion of the exam to become a Registered Nurse. To become a Licensed Practical Nurse, you must pass a state board exam. To become a Licensed Vocational Nurse, you must pass the state board exam.

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