Can Ati Teas Help You Pass the NCLEX?

The Ati Teas practice test is offered by Kaplan, part of the Kaplan Group. This is a relatively new program offering online-based training for nurses who wish to become certified in Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) at the degree level of registered nurse (RN). The Ati Teas concept is that a candidate can complete the course work at home, without having to attend a nursing school that is located within the state in which they reside. In order to become APNs, a person must have passed the national board exam for nurses and must also pass a state board exam before becoming qualified to sit for the licensing exam in their state.

I found that this was a very good point. In fact, I think it is one of the best things about Ati Teas, because it saves time. If you are a working professional and you need to get your degree, you might be thinking about taking some college course at the local university. You might not be able to fit a full schedule into your already busy schedule. Even if you do manage to squeeze it in, the quality of education may not be up to par with the rest of your classes at the university.

I found that there were only three questions on each section of the Practical Exam and they were all quite easy. I easily got through them. Once I knew the answer to the first question, the remaining questions were not too difficult. Actually, a lot of the easier ones could have been done by taking some college class preparation courses on CDs or even DVDs. The real test was the last question and I could easily answer it with ease. I felt good about myself and knew that I was ready to take the board exam.

There are four books that comprise the Ati Teas course. I believe these are the crux of the course. The problem is that none of the books provided enough information for me to actually pass the exam on the first try. Of course, I could not get an actual study guide since there is no guide at all.

I felt like I had wasted a lot of time studying for the exams. Time could have been better spent on actual clinical practice or reviewing for the other questions in the books. The problem with using Ati Teas as a learning supplement is that you cannot track your progress by yourself like you can with revision time or textbook information. You really need to use a little bit of both to be able to gauge your own progress.

That is why I recommend taking Ati Teas as a review instead of a review. You can use your review time to really understand how the Ati program works and to brush up on the key concepts. This will help you feel more confident when taking the test. Plus, I believe that you will have more fun during the entire review process because there will be more variety of topics. In the end, I believe that taking Ati Teas as a nursing student will be a very positive experience for you.

There is no way that Ati Teas could replace a textbooks review, but I believe they can compliment it well. Ati Teas provides you with a great amount of detail and instruction. However, the main idea of these books is to provide instruction based on actual experience. It is much easier to understand something if you have actually experienced it. By reading about it, you can gain a much deeper understanding and probably retain the information much better. Therefore, taking Ati Teas as a review will probably result in a better exam score than if you just reviewed for the exam five days before the exam.

As you may notice, I did not mention taking Ati Teas as a review. This is because you could easily use Ati Teas as a textbook. However, what I am trying to say is that you need to pay close attention to your syllabus, and become familiar with the material. This will help you tremendously on the final exam.