Avoiding Teas on Test Dates

Most people know that taking the TESOL exam dates before October 21st is the time to start preparing. Some don’t care; some want to do it the soonest, while others want it at the earliest possible date so they can start working as soon as possible. I suggest preparing for your TESOL tests in three ways. First of all, by knowing the test dates, you will be able to better plan your workload for taking the tests and the number of tests you will need to complete in order to pass. Second, by knowing the test dates, you will be better prepared to handle the stress so you won’t procrastinate on your studies or have anxiety over getting the right answers to the tests.

Third, you will be better able to manage your time and effectively prepare for the exam. When you are faced with multiple choice questions and you can’t write a coherent thought, how are you supposed to pay attention? You’re given about 30 minutes to answer each question so it’s a very busy period of time. If you don’t know when the next prompt will be, how are you supposed to make it there on time and not get distracted and leave before it even begins?

There are many free resources on the internet that will help you plan your study time. One such resource is the TESOL website. The site provides a times table of the exams along with sample questions. It also has information about the format of the exam, who will be administering it and when the testing will take place. All of this will help you better prepare for your scheduled test.

When you work with a time planner like this, it takes away the stress and worry from the entire process of studying for the exams. If you are a fast learner, you will find this extremely helpful in getting through your work faster. The way it works is that you either add or remove an event from your daily schedule. For instance, if you have three classes in the morning, you can put the last one on the morning of the night before you go to work. By doing this, you are keeping yourself on track and ready for the changes that the upcoming exams bring.

A great idea when preparing for any type of test is to work on relaxation techniques. A combination of deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation should be done prior to taking your test. As the day goes along and you become increasingly more relaxed, you’ll notice that your mind becomes calmer too. This is where the real learning happens- not when you’re answering the test!

Your diet is also important to your success. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and stay away from caffeinated tea. Caffeine can make you feel awake and alert, which means that you aren’t really taking in enough nutrients to make your brain work at its best. This means that you will definitely have a better chance of passing the test dates that you set for yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is sticking to a diet filled with chai, black, or other caffeinated teas. Yes, the caffeine in these teas can give you extra energy and may make you feel more awake. But you also need the vitamins and nutrients found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. That way, your body will have a better chance of functioning properly.

You also need to take some time out for yourself. Yes, you probably work hard all day. But sometimes you need to take a break and stop working too hard. Doing so can do wonders for your concentration levels and get you into a better mood so that you can be more productive during your studies. Taking care of yourself before you take the exams will ensure that you get better grades than others who do not do this.