Ati Tea Testing Near Thailand – My Experience

When my Ati Teas was first getting ready to go for testing, I was nervous. Like any nurse who had just taken a few classes and has been through the hands of many testing environments, I know how stressful it can be. I watched every online video and read every paper. I followed every sign and the dreaded blackboard.

But I kept looking up at the time table on the wall. I saw it was ticking away. I kept my cool and focused on my tasks at hand. I even made a few notes. And then, all of a sudden, the bell chimed and the dreaded bell rang.

Looking up at the time table, I saw one more sign. It said “TEACHING WILL ONLY TAKE 5 min.” Then the teacher came out and introduced herself. It was her friend.

After the introduction, I was asked if I wanted to try the free sample tests. I said sure. I just took my practice exams. As I was sitting there looking at my results in the mirror, I started thinking about what I was going to write in my blog about this whole experience.

Ati is a form of tea that originates from the island of the Ati in Thailand. It is supposed to give you energy, balance, and mental focus. Many people have sworn by its use and have been taking Ati teas for years. For these people, the idea of taking actual nursing exams was not so appealing. For me, however, the idea of an actual exam was fascinating.

So I signed up for two months of testing. At first, I thought this would be fun just to see how I would do. At the end of the two month period, I was surprised to find that my results had been sent to the testing center in Thailand. They were sent through the post.

When I got there, I was excited but a little bit confused. They gave me two options. The first one was for a one month membership where I would be able to take the exams as many times as I wanted. The other option was for a two week membership where I would get four sets of five exams. Since I was already taking the regular exam for my nursing degree, I chose the membership option.

So when my results came through, I was very surprised to see that I was not a registered nurse yet. I was actually in the testing center for over three hours! However, I was excited because I knew that Ati Tea was something that my friends and I would use for our nursing training. Now that I know the choice is made, I will be able to use Ati Teas for all of my nursing training and my first test.

The next thing that happened was that I was able to choose which days I would take my first two Ati tests. This was a great feature because I was able to do my best and not worry about whether or not I was going to be able to complete all of the tests. Normally you would have to wait until all of the other nurses from your school took their tests. This would not have been good for me since I was counting on getting an A in the nursing major that I had chosen. Plus, I did not want to take two Ati tests on the same day because I would have been extremely exhausted from the second one.

My testing at the Thai testing center was done with the new materials that I brought with me. I was also able to go through all of the questions as fast as I could so that my time on the test could be cut down. I think that the people that work there really understand what the student needs to know in order to pass the tests.

After I passed the first Ati test, I got to go through two more before I was finally allowed to take my third Ati exam. This time, however, I was lucky because they had changed the way how the questions were asked on the test. Instead of being able to answer the question by question, I was only allowed to answer three at a time. I was actually very surprised that I was able to pass the test all three times. It was even more impressive when I got to see some of the answers to the previous questions that I had missed the first time around.

My experiences with the Ati testing near Thailand were great. I was able to learn how to properly prepare myself before taking my Ati exams. Plus, I was able to get all of the information that I needed to know about testing in Thailand from a reliable source. I would recommend the service to anyone that is planning on taking an Ati tea test near Thailand. My experience was really wonderful, and I am sure that it can be for you as well.

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