Ati Tea Recipes – A Review

I’m sure you‘ve heard of the new trend in home based learning – Ati Teas. The cost is not cheap, but so are the benefits. I started at a while back and found it very convenient to study while relaxing outdoors on a nice spring day. In fact, I sometimes feel more relaxed in my pajamas than I do when studying in my formal exam attire. What is Ati exactly? It’s a tea made from the leaves of the Ati tree.

There are various types of Ati teas for different occasions. A basic test book is one way of finding out if this is the right method for you. It comes with a variety of choices, such as green tea, black tea, and the fruit variety. A book that tests all three types would be best, but we’ll assume you’re choosing the green tea version for our purposes. It comes with detailed instructions on how to brew the tea.

The process of learning this art can seem daunting. I was overwhelmed by how quickly and easily it taught me how. Within a matter of days I had all the information I needed to pass the NCLEX-RN. The book walked me through the steps, starting with a discussion on nutrition and how the nutrients found in certain fruits and vegetables can affect your performance.

I particularly enjoyed the part about preparing the tea. It illustrated several recipes to try. At first I was concerned about trying them, since I’m not a big fan of tea brewing. However, the book was thorough and gave several recipes that are easy to follow. After a few tries I found myself drinking the delicious teas offered.

I also really liked how detailed the book was. Ati is such an exotic herb, it can be hard to explain its properties to someone who has never experienced them. The book provided photographs and detailed descriptions. I especially appreciated that it was written in plain English.

There was also a helpful chart on how to brew the tea. You simply follow the directions. Again, the instructions were thorough and easy to understand. I particularly liked the portion on how to store the tea. I take my Ati teas home in Tupperware containers so they are ready to drink right out of the container!

In addition to the practical aspects of the Ati teas, the book also has some interesting history. It explains the reasons why the tea was created in India. It also explains why it is popular in America. One interesting tidbit is that it helped cure an American soldier of the war when he was wounded in the leg during the Civil War. It’s unclear why, but I am sure the story is interesting.

The Ati Tea Book is an interesting quick read. The history is interesting and the practical side was definitely of interest to me. For anyone who wants to try Ati tea, this is a good resource to use. It may not be exactly what you want to buy, but it may be just what you need to get your Ati teas going.

It is important to be able to make your own Ati tea for different types of tea. Since the book only briefly covers Ati black tea, it leaves out the types of green tea or oolong teas that you can brew at home. If you want to learn how to make green, black, or other types, you will have to purchase a book that goes into more depth with the types of teas. However, this may be a nice way to familiarize yourself with Ati so you can make your own teas in the future.

Another thing that the test book did not do was tell you how to properly dry your Ati tea leaves. It does contain information about this, but it is not specific. I would have appreciated a detailed how-to. The reason I am not sure why the author didn’t include this information is because it is not pertinent to making Ati teas. If you want to know how to dry your tea properly, you will have to purchase a tea tree leaf kit from the retailer.

The one thing that this book did do better than others is it gave you an Ati recipe. You can use this recipe to make your own Ati teas. There are several different recipes for Ati tea leaves, all using dried tea leaves. If you don’t feel up to brewing your own Ati, or even if you enjoy drinking green tea, you can still enjoy the taste of Ati by taking these Ati recipes home and enjoying them. You don’t have to worry about expensive blends because they are usually simple teas made from Ati leaves that have been dried in the traditional way.

I don’t normally buy books that are geared toward Ati tea, but this was a very interesting read. The clear voice of the author really helped me understand the concept of Ati, the process of making tea, and the proper way to dry the tea leaves. I also enjoyed the detailed information on the different Ati recipes and the different types of tea leaves. This Ati Teas Test Book will surely be a big hit for all tea lovers.