Are Ati Teas Good for Your Health?

The Ati tea is gaining a lot of traction in the health industry and among the teas for various ailments that have been tested. The Ati tea is one of two original teas from Kenya and the second is the main ingredient, Ma Huang. These two teams are believed to be hundred percent natural. They also come in blends. This article will show how we can improve our test scores with these two teas.

Let us begin with the Ati tea. It is supposed to offer anti-oxidant benefits and is therefore said to aid in weight loss. It is claimed to offer weight loss relief by slowing down the digestive process which results in the burning of more calories. This may therefore reduce your desire for foods high in fat and sugar. However, there is no direct evidence to support this finding.

It is reported by some testers that drinking three cups of tea daily can reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by as much as 60%. However, this is not an FDA approved research product. There are other claims it makes though. If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You can try Ati teas without the risk of having to spend a fortune on medical tests and treatments. As mentioned earlier, these teas can assist in weight loss. They also appear to have some effect on the cholesterol levels which could result in lowering them. But, these claims remain unsubstantiated at this time. If you want to try Ati teas, you will have to find your own method of consumption.

The reason you do not have to rely on scientific findings is that you will be able to enjoy your Ati tea at home. The benefit of home drinking is that there are no chemicals to worry about. You can try whatever you like for two weeks or more before you decide whether it is worth your money. This is the great appeal to Ati teas as a stress reliever or weight loss aid.

There are risks to consuming your Ati teas however. When you go to your local health store to purchase your tea you may be asked to sign a waiver indicating that you are aware of all the possible risks. You may be asked to undergo a number of psychological evaluations including testing of your IQ and other personality characteristics.

You could take the tests quite comfortably at home. In fact, if you feel anxious, you can just sit down and relax. If you are taking the tests seriously, then you can talk to your doctor about prescribed Ati supplements to take before you start your treatments. You may be informed that these supplements should not be taken by pregnant women, children less than six years old and those with liver and kidney problems.

If you do feel better, then go ahead and continue your treatments with your doctor. If you feel unwell after a few days you can stop taking your supplements. But please note that you should ask your doctor first. Taking Ati teas for stress relief and weight loss will not automatically clear all your problems.

There is another risk involved with taking Ati teas. That is the risk of allergic reactions. In such cases, your physician may recommend that you stop drinking your Ati teas immediately and contact your local poison control centre. It is best that you don’t try to solve your problem by yourself. You should report all the details to your physician. Your physician will guide you in how to proceed.

It is important that you follow your doctor’s advice regarding the types of tests that you should undergo. You are advised to undergo skin tests (to detect allergy), blood tests (to detect blood infections) and urine tests (to detect any substance that can block the Ati transport system). If you don’t get the results that your doctor wants you to have, then it is best that you don’t waste time and go back to your local supermarket where you can buy new Ati teas. The local supermarket will give you quality Ati teas but they are quite expensive. In the event that you don’t get the desired results from all the Ati tests, you can request for a sample to be sent to a laboratory for further analysis.

The popularity of Ati tea is growing. However, there are still some health conditions where drinking Ati tea is not advisable. If you want to enjoy its health benefits, make sure you don’t consume Ati teas if you are suffering from certain health conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, gall bladder problems and kidney problems.

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