A Test of Endocrine System Health With Ati Teas

As a Certified Thai Health Care Provider, I use Ati Teas for many patients. Ati is one of the first Thai teas to be recognized as effective for supporting the endocrine system, in particular the Thyroid Gland. I have also used it successfully with other patients with thyroid issues. The Ati tea’s blend of herbs and other plant based ingredients to support a healthy immune system and a robust phytoendocrine system. The tea includes a variety of plant species that are known to support the endocrine system, including the Milk Thistle, Burdock, Dandelion Root, Artichoke, Longiflorum and Chamomile. It also contains several herbal extracts that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over centuries.

The endocrine system is the single most important system in the body. When the system is not working properly, the result can be various disorders including obesity, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, joint/wound problems and a host of other conditions. The endocrine system controls all aspects of the body. When it is not functioning properly, the result is a system failure. This system failure then leads to such chronic health problems as obesity, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, etc. When the immune system is strong, the body can fight back against any invaders, including infections, tumors, viral and bacterial attacks and pathogenic micro-organisms.

In order to test the effect of Ati Tea on the test endocrine system, I took a handful of Ati each day for a period of three weeks. During this period I observed the blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid levels and the ability of the gall bladder to clear the urine. The result was that after the first week, none of the four tested systems showed any abnormalities. After the third week, there were two areas that showed elevated readings; these areas were the lungs and the liver/ kidneys. The other areas were not tested. In order to eliminate the possibility that the elevated readings were caused by drinking Ati, I tested the liver/ kidneys and liver/blood pressure and found no abnormalities.

If you consider the Ati Tea as a defense mechanism from attacks by pathogenic micro-organisms or even as a form of calorie control, you may ignore the implications of the above findings on the immune system. The immune system is a complex part of the body and functions in various ways. The functioning of the immune system can be disturbed by a number of causes including stress, trauma, chemotherapy, radiation, and many others. Once the immune system fails to perform its duty in the normal manner, disorders of the immune system set in, resulting in a variety of ailments.

The Ati tea has been used by many people for its weight loss properties. But is it an appropriate weight loss treatment? That depends upon whether the tea is genuinely from the original plant, the processing method and whether it is truly Ati Tea. Many manufacturers claim to sell Ati teas that are genuine and these teas are actually made from the infusion of the tea leaves.

How would you like to test endocrine system health with a diet supplement or a meal replacement shake? Or what if you wanted to test the general health of your kidney or stomach? Most health food stores and natural health food stores will carry a wide range of diet supplements, meal replacement shakes, weight loss pills, herbal remedies, etc. But before you take any of these, you will want to learn more about the Ati tea and how it might affect you.

The Ati tea has been widely publicized over the years, but what is Ati Tea? Ati is a traditional Buddhist tea from the Himalayas. The Ati tree was grown in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains for centuries. The first tea master from Ati trained in Japan came to learn and make Ati tea and spread the knowledge to many tea masters who taught the tea art worldwide. Today, when you buy Ati teas, you know you are buying a high quality product.

The Ati tea master knew that every aspect of the tea’s flavor and taste could be improved when the right kind of herbs and high quality tea leaf were used. Ati teas are a mix of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and modern science. You may choose to have an iced tea, regular tea or even green tea. With Ati teas, you get to drink the tea while it is still hot! This means the tea is not only refreshing but your body gets the best possible dose of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.